The Importance Of Labels

It is very important that we have labels on everything that we purchase.  If we don’t have labels or if the labels are misleading, then it could cause a lot of confusion and possible harm.  To help prevent this, label printing in Jackson is dedicated to making sure that all their labels are printed correctly and that the messages on these labels are clear.

Product awareness

label printing in Jackson

The first reason people use labels is for product awareness.  When we use colors, images and shapes, it helps to enforce the brand and the set one product apart from another.  If we didn’t have labels on items, then people wouldn’t know what it is they were looking at nor would they even know what it was they were purchase.  Even with a clear package where you could physically see the product, there would still be information missing that we would need to know.

Most important information first

The first thing that we need to do is have the most important information first.  This means when you read the label you should have the name of the product, expiration or creation dates if needed, ingredients then any harmful warnings. 

Size and position

It is also important that the label size and the position of the label be correct.  You don’t want to have a label that is too small and you can’t read the information and you don’t want it so big that you are wasting space. Another factor is that you want the label to be in the same place on all of your products and consistent so that people know where to look.  If you put labels anywhere you want, it won’t make sense to the customer and if you put it in odd places, may be overlooked all together.

The study of labels and how they should be used is a great science.  Next time you look at a product see where the labels are and how they are uniform over multiple products.